Information for students

Information for students

The website is designed to free you from the traditional coursework and give you the knowledge necessary to navigate Italy with confidence and ease. Everyday tasks such as shopping at the grocery store, going to the post office, getting coffee, etc. are part of the course’s scope, from the grammatical to the cultural aspects, in order to offer you a complete learning experience.  

The course benefits students in a unique way: you should be able to progress at your own pace, take your time Whether you want to take a test at the beach, in your room or at a library, you can. You can take tests when you feel prepared and have reviewed the material.

We are here to make learning easy and a great experience for you. You will not only achieve the necessary competences but also have fun. 

Now that you are part of the Language Tribe community you can experience the difference of learning with a company like Language Tribe: be your own teacher.

The course consists of 30 chapters, each of which is composed of different lessons, covering over 180 topics. Each chapter has its own theme and each lesson has its own grammar topic. Everything in the lesson (including texts, games, tests etc.) is grammar- and theme- related. 

You can find useful information on how to use them on the “How the lessons work” page.

You can join the community and start to share your experience. With Language Tribe you can meet a whole community of Italian learners, chat with them, compare with them, ask for advice and be inspired.

Feel free to ask questions and advance doubts about the use of the site or your language learning difficulties.