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Italian with us

Come learn Italian on a platform designed for language learners.  

Our Unique System

Our courses were designed to benefit both teachers and students in a unique way.  The student should be able to progress at his/her own pace and the teacher can use his/her skills teaching.   Students that learn a topic quickly may continue on to the next topic without waiting for the other students.  Those who need more time may move at their own pace and master a topic before continuing.

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Language Tribe

Learning on this system has been great!  I am able to learn at my own pace and see where I am struggling.

Jordan Groff

I have had a blast learning using Language Tribe!  Even my roommates join in when I play the games!

Carmen Mullins

What a great course!  It is very complete and helped me to learn quickly in a creative way using games, vocabulary and culture.  Thanks for helping me improve my Italian.  Verne

Verne Snow