How it Works

How It Works

Language Tribe is about finding the place where you belong.

Research (see that we are the best in the biz)

Register (sign-up and pay monthly bills)

Study (go at your own pace, restudy things, get help from tutors, talk to other students, tools from 20+ years experience teaching)

Assess (look at the progress and strengths and weaknesses)

Test (put all of the knowledge to work, try as many times as needed, tutor, see results)

Certify (show everyone what you've learned, talk to strangers, take that vacation!)


Language Tribe has over 20 years of experience teaching foreign languages.  The years and experiences while teaching have led us to create a system that adapts to each students pace and style of learning.  We have experienced teachers at the ready for one-on-one sessions to help. 


Have you ever had a day of school where you didn't learn anything?  Whether you didn't want to be there or the teachers or lessons were terrible, we've all had a day like that.  We wanted every lesson to be a great learning experience.  That's why we invented a system based on the teaching and lessons of some of the best teachers and programs.  A way to learn a language on your own time, at your own pace when you are ready to learn.  Isn't that the way learning should be?

At Language Tribe, we also want to provide answers to your questions and help you when you need.  We've created a student support system where people can help one another with difficult concepts.  Our teachers are always standing by to offer tutoring services.  Unlike the classroom, we think that you should be able to talk to the students and ask the teacher a question anytime that you want!


When you get your test back in a classroom you can see your score.  But what about the concepts and questions that you struggled to answer correctly?  We dive deeper into what your are excelling at and what is still causing you trouble.  That way you can study exactly what you need exactly when you want.  We offer comprehensive analysis of our tests, quizzes and games all to give you a better picture of your learning.


It's Monday, you've forgotten everything over the weekend and now it's time to take the test.  What a nightmare!  At Language Tribe we don't have test dates.  Whether you want to take a test at the beach, in your room or at a library, you can!  You can take tests when you feel prepared and have reviewed the material.  We aren't here to make learning difficult, we are here to make right for you.